Personalized This Grandma Belongs To Fun Kids Acrylic Plaque

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Personalized This Grandma Belongs To Fun Kids Acrylic Plaque, Stick Figure Family Funny, Mother's Day Gifts for Grandma

Celebrate the cherished bond of family with our customizable acrylic plaque, a heartfelt gift perfect for grandmothers or mothers. This plaque is a beautiful tribute to the love and joy shared within the family, adorned with delightful stickers representing the unique roles and personalities of each member.
At the top of the plaque, the message "This ... Belongs To" is elegantly displayed, with three dots allowing you to personalize it with a suitable nickname such as grandma, nana, mom, or any other endearing term. Below this message, you'll find a charming array of stickers, each depicting a cherished family member.
For the boy in the family, imagine a sticker of him happily dancing, his carefree spirit lighting up the room. For the girl, picture a sticker of her holding a bouquet of flowers, radiating sweetness and love. And for the mother figure, envision a sticker of her cooking, her culinary creations a source of warmth and comfort for the family.
These stickers capture the essence of family life, where each member plays a unique and irreplaceable role in creating cherished memories together. Crafted with care and precision, this acrylic plaque is a timeless keepsake that will be treasured for years to come.
Give this plaque as a gift to your beloved grandmother or mother, and let it serve as a reminder of the love and connection that bind your family together, now and always.

  • Personalization: Customized the front image with number of kids, kids and name. The quote side will be fixed on our design. Pick your options to see the preview


    • Made of acrylic plexiglass, environmentally friendly, pollution-free, and odorless. Professional printing technology, clear pictures, no color difference, no color fading.
    • Our products are professionally printed with UV technology on premium quality acrylic and are absolutely clear.
    • Our products have rasped edges. Since its edges are not sharp, it is not dangerous
    • Package: acrylic sheet x acrylic stand. All products come packaged with a protective film to prevent scratches and dust. Simply, remove the film and your product will be ready to display on your big day.
    • Size: 6 x 4 inches, 8 x 6 inches.
    • Base sizes 2x2in and 2.4x2.4in and sole thickness 0.4in
    • Note: The product is carefully packed and the surface is covered with a protective film. When using we should peel off the protective layer. Many customers misunderstand the protective coating as a scratch