About Us

Welcome to Wolfantique.com!

Here's everything you want to know about us:

Wolfantique is a trademark belongs to The Warrior Inc. Tax id No. is registered in US: 61-2052865

Our company specializes in providing custom-made products by printing innovative designs on t-shirts, and other surfaces, using a closed supply system including a printing press and shipping unit. Reputable DHL, USPS. We always put our customers' interests first, our criteria is to turn the first customers into loyal customers forever with our service.

We own a team of designers and search for ideas and print them on t-shirts, mugs, phone covers, posters and canvas, our company uses prestigious printing houses in the US, China and Europe. Fast delivery system helps products always reach customers fastest.

Our design and concept team is located in Vietnam under GTIC CO., LTD, located at 5F Nguyen Van Roi, Mo Lao Ward, Ha Dong District, Hanoi, Vietnam.

It is said that the path to perfection is through practice; our aim is to celebrate your perfection, perfection of purchasing things for yourself or for someone you care about. Our products are curated personally by our team of experts who are always on the lookout to find products that our customers will love.

We work on a unique model where our products are advertised to users that might be looking for something either exactly the same as what's shown in our interactive ads or something similar to what's being displayed.

Once you enter the Wolfantique.com Club, you are in for amazing deals, discounts and suggestions on what to buy for your friends or for yourself. Forget the older ecommerce websites that have nothing but everything monotonous to offer and take part in the Wolfantique.com Lifestyle!

We have brought our ideas online, offering you some of our latest curations. 

We will be introducing new products and collections almost everyday, and perhaps launch a few new products as well. You can expect us to continue this celebration to provide a service that is:

  • Fast
  • Beautiful
  • Useful
  • Satisfactory

We hope that we are able to meet your expectations, so you can come back and trust us to deliver products that meet your experienced expectations. If you have any questions, We'd love to get in touch!

Just email us at support@wolfantique.com