Little Prick Punny Plant Pot

Size Guide

Little Prick Punny Plant Pot And Tray, Funny Pots for Plants

This Little Prick Punny planter tray and pot design is a playful and humorous take on the traditional set of trays and pots. The design features a small white pot decorated with a cactus image and the word "Little Prick" in bold lettering, making for a fun and bold addition to any indoor garden or plant display area. which plant. This design is perfect for individuals who love to incorporate humor and wit into their home decor or plant display.

  • Ceramic planter pots have a size of 2.4 inches x 3.2 inches, equivalent to 6 x 8 centimeters

The bottom of the pot has a small drainage hole

The design is printed directly on the plant pot like printing technology on the cup

The product comes with a round wooden tray as shown in the picture to help you decorate your workspace, garden, living room or as a gift for friends and relatives.