I Need A Drink Plant Pot

Size Guide

I Need A Drink Plant Pot And TrayPot with Funny Sayings

The "I Need A Drink" plant pot is the perfect accessory for any plant lover and beverage enthusiast. The playful text on the front of the pot provides a humorous element, making it a great conversation starter. The pot is made of durable ceramic and is suitable for a variety of plants, from succulents to small herbs. Use it to brighten up your desk or add some greenery to your living space. The "I Need A Drink" plant pot is not only practical, but also serves as a fun and quirky decoration.

  • Ceramic planter pots have a size of 2.4 inches x 3.2 inches, equivalent to 6 x 8 centimeters

The bottom of the pot has a small drainage hole

The design is printed directly on the plant pot like printing technology on the cup

The product comes with a round wooden tray as shown in the picture to help you decorate your workspace, garden, living room or as a gift for friends and relatives.