January 06, 2022 1 min read

1. Do one random act of kindness a day
2. Take time to enjoy the little things in your life
3. Try something new every month
4. Ditch one bad habit
5. Make time for self-care
6. Be the first to say “Hello”
7. Spend more time with your kids (or pets)
8. Compliment someone every day
9. Go on more adventures!
10. Do something you’re afraid of
11. Make a new friend
12. Drink more water
13. Volunteer or donate more often
14. Perfect one recipe
15. Start a new hobby or work out
16. Make time to be alone and get to know yourself
17. Take a break from social media
18. Try a juice cleanse & detox
19. Learn how to meditate and breathe
20. Practice saying "no"
21. Read a new book every month
22. Grow!